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  1. Jestem na tak +wiek +aktywność +regulamin +składka +doświadczenie
  2. My say is yes ? +age +sm +time on serwer +you are a nice person who knows the server rules + your application is really good ? if you need help in translating the regulations , i will try to help speak to me at steam
  3. Na Nie +/- wiek +/- sm - brak 250h w cs - konto pod podanie
  4. Widać że nie żonaty jak na sieć daje ?
  5. Jestem na nie koledzy wyżej wszystko chyba wyjaśnili
  6. Można dać szansę +wiek +aktywny na serwie +składka +sm
  7. Nie umiem wole mma umiesz jezdzić konno
  8. Golf coca-cola czy pepsi



Chatroom Rules

1. Chatbox is a showcase of the forum, which is why all the rules of culture and spelling Connect apply as throughout the forum.

2. Littering illogical that adds nothing to general questions will be severely punished.

3. Prohibition of calling others.

4. Prohibition of placing links advertising the content of content not related to the displayed Sunny-Dust, as well as links advertising some applications, requests for UB, complaints and requests saying hello / goodbye.

5. Requesting a "give me rank" request, etc. on Chatbox will be punished with a warning.

6. Forum administration (administrators and moderators) has the right to punish the user with a warning for violating obligations related to Chatbox.

7. We explain private matters on other messengers or PW.

8. Write in one message, do not spam.

9. Obstructing conversations, interfering with it, and provoking a quarrel will be punished with a warn.

10. Crying, the object of something not working will be punished with a warn. There are appropriate forum sections for this.

Forum administration reserves the right to withdraw access to Chatbox for breaking the application of protection.

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